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58 Air Commodore A. Dwight Ross G.C., CBE, CD Squadron

Royal Canadian Air Cadets

Kingston, Ontario

Proudly Sponsored for over 60 years by:

416 AVM Earl Godfrey Wing, Air Force Association of Canada

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This week, cadets are to participate for 10-30 mins in daily stretching exercises.

This will build into Warm-Up and Cool-Down exercises

This includes:

Neck Stretch

Shoulder Push

Shoulder Shrug

Arm Circles

Shoulder Stretch

Wrist Rotations

Triceps Stretch

Forearm Stretch

Chest Stretch

Side Stretch

Lower Back Stretch

Upper Back Stretch

Hamstring Stretch

Inner Thigh Stretch

Hip Flexor

Ankle Rotations

Calf Stretch

Quadriceps Stretch

Guidelines for Stretching

The following guidelines should be followed while stretching:

Stretch all major muscle groups, including the back, chest, legs, and shoulders.

Never bounce while stretching.

Hold each stretch for 10–30 seconds to let the muscles release fully.

Repeat each stretch two to three times.

When holding a stretch, support the limb at the joint.


Purpose of a Warm-Up

A warm-up session is composed of light cardiovascular exercises and stretches designed to:

gradually increase respiratory action and heart rate;

raise the muscle temperature to facilitate reactions in muscle tissue; and stretch the muscles.

The warm-up prepares the cardiovascular system for the physical activity. It is composed of activities such as brisk walking, light jogging, or simple games that elevate the heart rate. As a guide, allow 10 minutes to warm up for every hour of physical activity.


Purpose of a Cool-Down

A cool-down is composed of light cardiovascular exercises and stretches designed to:

allow the body time to slowly recover from physical activity and to help prevent injury;

prepare the respiratory system to return to its normal state; and

stretch the muscles to help relax and restore them to their resting length.


Send pictures of you doing your stretches to the sqn email at [email protected]