58 crest

58 Air Commodore A. Dwight Ross G.C., CBE, CD Squadron

Royal Canadian Air Cadets

Kingston, Ontario

Proudly Sponsored for over 60 years by:

416 AVM Earl Godfrey Wing, Air Force Association of Canada

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Cadets have access to the following Instructional Guides (IGs) below


- Cadets may use any resource at their disposal


- Pictures of completed projects can be privately messaged to the Squadron's email at [email protected]


- Make sure to include you name and rank in the email



- The top aerodromes will be judged in the following categories: Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, and Level 5


- We encourage enlisting family members/ housemates to assist with your aerodrome


- Questions/ concerns can be directed o the Trg O via the Sqn Email