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Experience new skills

Cadets meet weekly to work together in groups and complete our Training Program - which teaches topics such as leadership, instructional technique, aviation, aircraft maintenance, aircrew survival, and more! Our Optional Training, such as Band, Drill Team, Effective Speaking, and Air Rifle, are more ways for cadets to learn the skills they're interested in. 

Summer Training is also a great way for cadets to meet new people and experience new skills. Cadets may be selected to participate in training over the summer for a period of 2, 3, or 6 weeks.

Make Lifelong Connections

Through our weekly training nights and our optional training opportunities, cadets get to meet new people and make friendships that last past the program.

During Summer Training, all elements (Sea, Army, and Air cadets) across Canada are brought together to train at Cadet Training Centers in each province.



Connect with your peers through our weekly training program - problem solving workshops and team activities are just part of what will transform you into an engaging leader.


Time management. Discipline. Deportment. Collaboration.
These are just some of the skills we work to teach our cadets through the program by engaging them as leaders and letting cadets lead cadets.


Cadets engage in the local community in a variety of ways - learning about our Canadian and military history while supporting local organizations such as the Royal Canadian Legion.